• A strong team can and should be your greatest competitive advantage.


    To ensure you are leveraging your existing team to the fullest, you must ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Do you have the right structure to get you to the next level?  What got you from point A to B might not be what's needed to get you from B to C.
    2. Are the roles, responsibilities, expectations and job descriptions clear?
    3. Do you have the right people?
    4. Are they in the right seats?
    Waypoint Growth Advisors can help bring objectivity and best practices to your human capital strategy. We can help you increase engagement, reduce turnover and boost overall productivity and profitability.

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    Let’s look at the revenue impact of improving an employee’s productivity by just 15 minutes a day.


    In typical 40 hour work week, 15 minutes of non-productive, non-billable time equals .25 hours a day, 1.25 hours a week or 65 total hours a year. For a $3 million business, an increase of productivity of that magnitude translates to more than $93,000 annually.


    Just imagine if you could bill 65 more hours a year on a fixed labor cost employee (in other words, generate more revenue with no additional payroll cost). When you multiply that gain across all employees with billable time, your net income would see a hefty increase which would filter down to net profits.

    - LinkedIn