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    Organizational Growth Preparedness Study (GPS)

    Organization's experience stagnation when they lack the proper structure and team to scale effectively. Our Organizational Assessment can help accelerate growth by determining whether you've got the right people in the right seats.


    Waypoint Growth Advisors can assess your company's leadership team and organizational needs to determine appropriate structure and staffing for maximizing management and employee effectiveness. We can also identify organizational needs related to culture, engagement and productivity and team competencies.


    As part of our one to two-day onsite assessment, we will:

    • Assess your organization’s leadership and organizational needs and determine the appropriate structure and staffing required to maximize management and employee effectiveness.
    • Evaluate current organizational effectiveness as well as identify the organization’s management needs related to competencies, alignment, ownership/accountability, and productivity in order to meet the organization’s short-term and longer-term objectives.
    • Identify critical policies and procedures needed by your organization to ensure fair and consistent employment practices throughout the organization.


    • Employee Engagement
    • Performance Improvement
    • Team Dynamics and Communication
    • Leadership Effectiveness
    • Bench Strength / Succession Planning


    • Stagnant Performance
    • Team Complacency
    • Bottlenecks & Silos
    • Tactical vs. Strategic Leadership
    • High Turnover
    • Weak Hiring Practices
    • Low Morale / Engagement
    • Growing Pains
    • Inability to Scale
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