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    Private equity firms typically excel at identifying critical strategic levers that drive improved performance. They have excellent resources to establish financial controls and have a relentless focus on enhancing the performance basics: revenue, operating margins, and cash flow. However, they often lack the resources and place less emphasis on the analysis of the leadership team charged with executing the plan. Portfolio companies frequently lack the depth of talent required to succeed.


    Waypoint Growth Advisors can help you address the "people issues", working closely with the Operating Partner and other Portfolio Leadership to help develop and execute talent strategies to accelerate growth and improve the organization’s ability to scale. Examples of HC consulting services include:

    • Develop Phase I org structure based on current staff and critical players
    • Develop a roadmap to Phase II org structure including development and succession plans
    • Provide recruiting support to fill critical leadership gaps
    • Incorporate 3D assessments into hiring process – bring science to selection
    • Provide coaching and advisory services to portfolio leadership, helping with the transition to PE-ownership
    • Conduct Leadership Development Workshops to improve teamwork and leadership effectiveness (especially when new, external CEO is hired)
    • Conduct Growth X-Ray or EOS workshops to drive more strategic (vs. tactical) thinking and improve the organization's ability to scale successfully.