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    Waypoint Growth Advisors uses tools inspired by James Fischer’s research to help your company successfully navigate through common business challenges associated with growth. Our Growth X-RayTM process will clarify the issues holding you back and can help generate a plan to overcome these obstacles. Using proven diagnostic algorithms, Waypoint can perform an organizational Growth X-RayTM to help you:

    • Predict how growth will impact your organization
    • Focus on the right things at the right time
    • Adapt your leadership skills as your company grows

    James Fischer’s research identified 7 Stages of Growth that entrepreneurial companies move through. He determined complexity increases as a company grows and that complexity is created by adding people. The 7 Stages of Growth provides leaders with the insight to focus on the right things at the right time, predicting how growth will impact their companies and helping their management team adapt to this growth.


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    The first part of the Growth X-Ray TM identifies your company’s challenges within your current stage of growth using diagnostic algorithms.



    The second part of the Growth X-Ray TM focuses on team alignment. Your company’s specific top 5 issues are identified through consensus and team accountability is established.


    • Performance Improvement
    • Team Dynamics and Communication
    • Employee Engagement


    • Stagnant Performance
    • Team Complacency
    • Bottlenecks & Silos
    • Tactical vs. Strategic Leadership
    • Low Morale / Engagement
    • Growing Pains
    • Inability to Scale