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    Another reason top performers leave is that they feel that their career advancement isn't going as expected or desired. That's why it’s more important than ever for managers to understand the individual interests and aspirations of their employees and implement programs to allow career movement, at all levels, to enhance employee development, bolster succession efforts, and meet business needs.


    Waypoint can help create a focus on career development in your organization. We can provide tools to help your managers understand the skills, strengths, and areas for development required by their teams in enhance career mobility. By fostering a culture of career development in your company and team, you will have more engaged employees that want to work for and with your company for the long term.


    Waypoint Growth Advisors can help create sustainable career development programs that:

    • Identify critical positions and skills based on your organization’s strategic objectives
    • Assess your talent pipeline and identity high-value talent
    • Assess leadership competencies
    • Identify gaps in talent and/or skill that may require outside recruitment
    • Develop programs (and culture) to support knowledge transfer and employee development
    • Provide leadership training and coaching to develop future leaders


    • Succession Planning
    • Employee Engagement
    • Leadership Development


    • Stagnant Performance
    • Team Complacency
    • Bottlenecks & Silos
    • Tactical vs. Strategic Leadership
    • High Turnover
    • Growing Pains
    • Inability to Scale